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3 Swimming Games to Play in the Pool with Kids

Children of all ages love playing in the water, and adults have nearly as much fun watching and playing with them. With or without the aid of toys, there are... Read More

Pool Parties!

Every body loves pool parties, and they are a great way to cool off from the summer heat or to just make a splash at a special event.  When throwing... Read More

How to keep cool on the beach

Every summer, thousands of us will head to the beach. Whether it's Goa, Pondicherry, Thailand or Sri Lanka - there is nothing better than a nice relaxing day sunbathing, swimming... Read More

15 Fun and Free Beach Activities for Kids

My kids love the beach. I’m sure if we suggested moving to the beach, they’d be packed and ready to go, in a jiffy! I still remember the first time... Read More

21 Things to Do At The Beach This Long Weekend

The Long Weekend and School Holidays are upon us and for many of us that means hitting the poolside or going down to Goa. Here are tons of other great activities... Read More

Asian Beach Games - Goa - 2018

PANAJI: Goa's desperate pitch to sell itself as a sports destination receives another installment as the state seeks to host the Asian Beach Games in 2018, the first time the... Read More

TEJA: Latin Beach Game

  FOR SOME ‘LATINO’ ACTION: TejaA traditional beach game played in Uruguay and very similar to Bocce Ball, Teja (pronounced te-ha), is taken very seriously by the Uruguayans, so much... Read More

Beach Games for Thrill Seekers - Ultimate Frisbee

FOR THRILL-SEEKERS: Ultimate FrisbeeOk, so we may be using the term ‘thrill-seekers’ loosely, but ultimate it certainly is. Possibly the most popular game for beach-lovers, there is even a governing... Read More
Ultimate frisbee

Beach Games for the Escapist

FOR THE ESCAPIST: Digging to Goa(unless you are in Goa, in which case you’ll be digging somewhere else) A favourite pastime of Joey Tribbiani in Friends, digging a huge hole in the sand... Read More

The THONG THROW for Lazy Beach Bums

FOR LAZY BEACH-GAMERS: Thong throwNo effort required. Grab your Havaianas, give one to your mate and see how far you can lob each flip flop. The winner buys the first... Read More
Thong throw