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Why Swim Competitions Are Good For Our Kids!

Swim meets are a world upon themselves. They can be stressful, fun and a wild roller coaster ride. If we step back and let our swimmers take over, meets can... Read More

Creating A Sunny Life

At The Beach Company HQ, come September, there's a subtle shift in the energy in the studio – summer starts to arrive in Mumbai, the days lengthen, people are everywhere;... Read More

Why do swimmers break more records than runners?

When Olympic swimmers took to the pool in Rio, world records began to get broken thick and fast - in the first four days of swimming it happened six times.... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to SPF Sunscreen

The world of SPF and sunscreen can be daunting, so here’s everything you need to know about sunscreen: from what it is and what it’s protecting you from, to how... Read More

Our Sunshine Person

Sunshine People! - Staff Profile: Pri Shewakramani The Beach Company introduces our team, partners and 'summer tribe' of customers. We thought we'd start at the top with Pri Shewakraani, co-founder at... Read More

Why Bengaluru produces India’s best swimmers

Sajan Prakash (pictured above) vividly remembers the day he had decided to shift his training base to Bengaluru. It was difficult for the Kerala youngster, who was brought up in... Read More
Woman drying her hair on beach

How To Beat Frizz On The Beach This Monsoon

Women don't ask for much on holiday. But a beach that looks like it's out of the Bacardi commercial, fruity cocktails, and shiny hair that makes us look that we've... Read More

Yoga Asanas to Swim Better

Swimming is perhaps the only full-body workout activity that helps you burn calories without sweating. Not only does it involve well-coordinated use of upper and lower limbs, but also requires... Read More

The ultimate swimwear how-to buy guide

We grilled four swimwear experts for intel on finding the perfect suit! THE EXPERTS:  Sarah Ghobrial, swimwear buyer at Holt Renfrew, holtrenfrew.comTom Mora, head of women’s design at J.Crew, jcrew.comFay... Read More

Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.

Goa. The name alone sets our pulses racing. Sun, beach, culture, scenery – and the best bit – thousands of kilometers separating us from reality. How could such a destination... Read More