Every body loves pool parties, and they are a great way to cool off from the summer heat or to just make a splash at a special event.  When throwing a pool party there are a few things you want to keep in mind like invitations, music, food, toys, games, party favors, and safety.

Start with the perfect invitations, you can use aqua blue paper to get your guests thinking of water.  Playing tropical or beach music will set the mood for relaxation. Keep the food simple, having the BBQ fired up for some burgers and hotdogs is always a winner for party guests. Toys & games are great for any age party-er, diving sticks, pool floats or noodles, water guns, and any sporting ball are great ideas for your next party. Just because its not anyone’s birthday doesn’t mean you can’t give out party favors.  Even the smallest party favors are appreciated and can be inexpensive to give out to friends and family.  Safety is the most important thing to plan out when throwing a pool party. Make sure sun screen is readily available for anyone who might of forgotten their own.  If there are any non-swimmers, make sure they have a swimming buddy (parent or bigger and a strong swimmer).  If you are mixing adults with children and plan on having adult beverages, hire a lifeguard for the younger swimmers.

Having the latest and greatest party accessories will keep your friends talking about it all summer long.  

We here at The Beach Company would love to hear your pool party ideas and successes, just let us know.


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