Fruity Floats!

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When you're outside in the pool on a hot day, what would you consider to be the best snack? We bet a lot of people would say fruit! Its cool, refreshing and tasty. We have a new line of floats here at The Beach Company and we're excited to tell you about it in a fun way. Fruit have so many health benefits and are a great way to get nutrients and vitamins in our bodies. These super cute floats are sure to be the talk of the pool party. So let's talk fruit:


The healthy:

Reduces inflammation of muscles, helps heal wounds, protects against infections, helps prevent arthritis, boosts immunity and improves oral/eye health.

The fun:

Tropical Fruit Clear Pineapple Pool Raft - 77in


The healthy:

Helps maintain blood pressure, great for the heart, good source of fiber and potassium and is thought to speed up weight loss.

The fun:

Tropical Fruit Pool Tube - Pink Grapefruit - 36in



New Year Build Up- GOA

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This year, the famed Sunburn Music Festival will take place between December 27 and December 30 on the beaches of Vagator. Touted as Asia’s biggest music festival, this electronic music extravaganza showcases the talents of prominent international and Indian musicians. The three-day festival is filled with music, dancing and entertainment and is the place to be if you want to celebrate the holiday season by letting your hair down.

Christmas & New Years' in Goa can be spent in many ways - partying it up on its beaches, indulging in sumptuous meals or simply by taking the time out to experience the heart and soul of Goa with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for a holiday like never before!

10 Best Goan Fish Thali Restaurants In Panjim

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The Goan classic – ‘sheet kodi nustea’ (Fish Curry Rice) is every Goenkar’s first love. A lunch in Panjim will never be complete without a mouth-watering thali from local restaurants out here. Right from the crunchy, fiery rawa fried fish to the soothing curried rice, it has everything needed to make you a regular.

Though you might find eateries serving you these thalis for dinner too, it is advisable to opt for it during lunch break. The heavy offerings on the plate are sure to keep you full for the next 2-3 hours.

Here’s a list of restaurants that offer the best Fish Curry Rice plates in Panjim:

1. The Goan Room, Donapaula

Reasonable prices, Mario-esque paintings and spacious seating are the major attractions of this restaurant at Donapaula, Panjim. The Goan Room started in 2016 with their specialty resting in the Patrao Thali that they offer. Overall, it’s is a go-to place to indulge in a scrumptious lunch affair when in Dona paula.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 150 (Regular) & 250 (Patrao Thali)
Location: Primerio, Jetty Road, Near Dona Paula Police Station, Dona Paula
Contact: 0832 651 3626

2. Anandashram, St. Inez & Fontainhas

This little place began in 1940s in Fontainhas serving hot rice with rich coconut curry of prawns. Today, the name ‘Anandashram’ has earned a name for itself when it comes to simple yet tasty Fish Thalis. Few months back, the Basilio’s Group has opened a revamped version of Ananashram at St.Inez which offers the same quality food with a different ambience.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 140
Location: Near Basilio’s Gym, St. Inez, Panjim
31st January Road, Fontainhas, Panjim
Contact: 88063 25212 / 9823195245

3. Kokni Kanteen, Altinho

Though the name has a tweeked variant of ‘canteen’ in it, this cozy place is nothing less than a fine dine restaurant for you to go for a decent Goan meal. It takes you back in time to the yesteryears of Goa with authentic delicacies of the state. Their lunch plate is uniquely kokni enough to keep you coming back for more.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 150
Location: Dr. Dada Vaidya Rd, Altinho, Panjim
Contact Number: 0832 242 1972

4. Ritz Classic, Panjim

Ritz Classic is the first name that comes to your mind when it comes to seafood in Panjim. It remains jam-packed during the lunch time for its assorted fish thali. You can expect the same crowd at night too, for the huge variety of fishes it offers for you to gorge on.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 180
Location: 10678, 1st Floor, Wagle Vision Building, 18th June Road, Panjim, Goa 403001
Contact Number: 0832 242 6417

5. Peep Kitchen, Caranzalem

Put away your working woes for a while and break into a plate of fish curry rice at Peep’s Kitchen in Caranzalem. With friendly service and tasteful décor all around, this small restaurant is frequented by a fair share of city dwellers and tourists during lunch and dinner.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 180
Location: Ground Floor, Ramnath Apartments, Near Dhonds Petrol Pump, Caranzalem
Contact Number: 99237 16430

6. Casa Bhonsle, Panjim

Casa Bhonsle is a cousin of the famed Goan breakfast outlet, Cafe Bhonsle offering authentic goan flavors, fresh catch of the day and generous portions which makes it worth every penny. Their Thali consists of perfectly cooked fish fry, squid chilly, mackerel curry, kokum kadi and prawns curry with rice that’s finger licking good.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 150
Location: Cunha Rivara Road, Above Cafe Bhonsle, Near National Theater, Panjim
Contact Number: 0832 222 2260

7. Tato’s Fine Dining, Panjim

Situated amidst a huge number of corporate offices in Patto, this place is crowded most of the times during weekdays too. It’s ‘The Place’ to try authentic Goan food. But apart from that, they also serve few North Indian and Chinese options in their menu.

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 150
Location: 1st Floor, Gera Imperium I, Patto Plaza, Panjim
Contact Number: 0832 2437294

8. The Salt Cafe, Panjim, Goa

The Salt Cafe is a small quaint cafe recently started in the heart of Panjim city. They serve a delicious Prawns Curry Thali for lunch at just Rs.90 along with fried fish that is chargeable. A good ambience coupled with quicker service makes this place stand out from the rest. Open Hours: Thalis only during lunch (12:30 pm – 3 pm), Sundays closed

Cost of a Thali: Rs. 90 – Rs. 150
Location: 9, Nizmar Center AB Road, Next to RBL Bank, Panaji
Contact: 96736 82709

People’s Choice
Some other places that you can check out are given below!

9. Vinanti Restaurant, Panjim

A simple and down to earth place to take your family out for a hearty meal. Located in the shopping streets of Panjim, they serve a variety of seafood to spoil you with choice. Many say that their Sol Kadi (Kokum Curry) is the main highlight of Fish Thali meals.

10. Anand Bar & Restaurant, St. Inez

Tucked by the lanes of St.Inez lies this small restaurant that offers true local Goan Fish preparations with the lunch thali topping off their list.

5 cool swimming pools to add to your bucket list

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Looking for a new swim spot? From the world-famous ocean pool experience to the secluded safari swim with Serengeti river views, add these cool pools to your bucket list of places to visit.

1. Best exotic location – Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel,          Bali

Soak up the lush jungle view from the infinity pool in Bali’s Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel, undoubtedly one of the most unique hotel swimming spots we’ve seen.

2. Best cityscape view – Marina Bay Sands Hotel,               Singapore

Straddling three hotel towers, the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel gives an unrivalled vista of Singapore’s city skyline

3. Best secluded swim – Hotel Merzouga, Morocco

Nestled in the desert, the private pool at Merzouga hotel offers a magical setting for a secluded swim.

4. Best sunset swim – Kapari Natural Resort, Santorini

Sunset swims don’t get much better than this. Enjoy a romantic sundowner whilst induldging in the most breath taking infinity pool.

5. Best budget swim – Bondi Icebergs Pool, Australia

For just $6 AUS you can tick the world-famous Bondi Icebergs ocean pool (Olympic size and filled with seawater) off your bucket list without breaking the bank – providing you’re already in Sydney, Australia.

Let us know which one is you favorite !


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Pull Buoy Training Tips

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A pull buoy is designed to help you focus on building your upper body strength and stroke technique. The Beach Company team has put together a guide to how they work, and how you can make them work for you…

Better balance, better stroke - With a pull buoy positioned between your thighs, your body will stay high in the water creating a more efficient, streamlined body position. Unless you’re a very strong swimmer, the pull buoy will probably do a better job of this than your own legs can.

With the lower body taken care of, you can focus on honing your upper body technique. For crawl, this means keeping your elbows high and pushing straight back through your stroke.

This improved body shape helps you avoid pushing water down and reduces the risk of shoulder injuries. (It will also make you realise just how important kicking is!)

Maintain intensity - A more efficient body shape will help you smoothly glide through the water. It is important that you keep your stroke rate the same as it would be without a pull buoy.

That way, when you are swimming without it, you are not combining a lower stroke rate with a poor body shape.

Different floats and different strokes - Pull buoys aren’t just for front crawl: you can use them for any stroke. Combining them with hand paddles will allow you to work particular areas of your body and focus on technique without too strenuous a cardio workout.


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