The Long Weekend and School Holidays are upon us and for many of us that means hitting the poolside or going down to Goa. Here are tons of other great activities that can be enjoyed on the beach!


  • 1. Bonfire parties. Where fires are allowed on the beach, it's great to hold huge parties where people come to play music, dance, roast marshmallows and just have a great time.
  • 2. Look for dolphins. Many beaches in Goa offer the chance to see dolphins right from the shore if you know what you're looking for and when to look.
  • 3. Write messages in the sand. You can write them big or small, say anything that you want and then take a picture that will last forever. These pictures can be made into unique postcards to send to the folks back home.
  • 4. Picnic. There are always a lot of food vendors near popular beaches but sometimes it's nice to pack yourself a really nice picnic with fancy cheeses and luscious fruits and to go indulge in at the beach. 
  • 5. Frisbee. This is a classic beach game and it is one that people never get tired of enjoying together. 
  • 6. Fishing. It's one of the most relaxing things that you can do at the beach and something people have been doing here for centuries.
  • 7. Read magazines. A beach vacation is supposed to be completely relaxing. Park yourself under a shade umbrella, catch a few rays and read some magazines or a cheap novel.
  • 8. Build a sandcastle. From the simplest design to the most elaborate, sandcastles help you pass the time at the beach while doing something really creative and fun.
  • 9. Look for seashells. You can troll the beach looking for seashells and colored glass. Take the best ones home with you and make jewelry or art with them so that you can always remember the fun that you had at the beach.
  • 10. Go windowshopping in the little shops. The majority of beaches are located at beach towns in Goa like Calangute or Mobor. These towns typically have a bunch of little stores set up along the beach. Spend some time browsing when you're ready to get out of the sun.
  • 11. Surfing. Or any other type of water sport such as kayaking, jet ski racing, waterskiing or kitesurfing. Get out on the water and really have yourself an adventure instead of just being lazy!
  • 12. Write poetry. The beach has been inspiring poems and songs for centuries so you might as well join the tribe of people who like to write when they're by the water. Starting that novel you've always wanted to write or simply keeping a diary of the trip are other creative writing options at the beach.
  • 13. Meet people. Beaches are filled with people so there's no reason that you can't make new friends. Games on the sand - like volleyball - make this easy but there are lots of ways to meet people at the beach.
  • 14. Take photographs. The beach is a great place for getting good photos and those photos will be a great memory to take back from the trip. Wander along with your digital camera and see what there is to see.
  • 15. Search for historic sites. Many beaches are located near places of historic importance which are marked with monuments or signs. You can find these in the most unexpected of places if you keep your eyes open. Military batteries on the water, historic lighthouses and places where battles once took place are all things that you can keep an eye out for.
  • 16. Catch up on phone calls. With cell phones working almost everywhere these days, you should have no problem getting connected to others at the beach. It's a great place to catch up on phone calls while getting a tan - and you can make everyone you talk to jealous because of where you are!
  • 17. Look for little critters. Most people who go looking for animals at the beach are looking for whales or seals or dolphins. Turn your focus to the little critters like the crabs and birds and jellyfish. Spend the day seeing how many different animals you can count.
  • 18. Watch the sunset. This is one of the favorite things that people often do at the beach because it is such a sight to see.
  • 19. Celebrate a holiday or special occasion. 
  • 20. Daydream. You're sitting around at the beach with no commitments and nothing demand your attention and that's a great time to just hang out and daydream a little bit. Envision what you want your life to look like in five or ten years, where you wish you could travel or what you would do if you won the lottery.
  • 21. Relax. You don't have to daydream or take pictures or do anything at all. You can just sit there and relax. You're on vacation after all!

Of course, the truth of the matter is that going to the beach is usually fun no matter what you do there because you're getting away from real life and enjoying a scenic travel destination. It's just nice to know that there are plenty of things to do besides suntan and swim while you're there!

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