TEJA: Latin Beach Game



A traditional beach game played in Uruguay and very similar to Bocce Ball, Teja (pronounced te-ha), is taken very seriously by the Uruguayans, so much so that actual Teja leagues have been formed. 

Now, the rules are pretty complicated to a Teja novice, so pay attention.

What you’ll need:

Some friends (preferably of even numbers)

15 ‘discs’ – seven of one colour, seven of another, and one smaller ‘marker’ disc

Competitive edge


How to play:

1. Mark out a rectangular playing field in the sand

2. Divide the field in half

3. Throw the small marker disc across the middle marking line

4. Take turns in your teams to throw your seven discs as close as you can to the marker disc

5. Play continues until all the discs have been thrown

6. Teams gain one point for each of their discs that are closer to the marker than those of their opponents.

Got that? Simple! Teja is light-hearted and enjoyable beach fun (unless you’re playing with a competitive Uruguayan, of course…).


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