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Dakar, Senegal. Preparing for dinner with a view on the Atlantic Ocean during sunset at the newly built Radisson Blu Hotel.

The Pool Photographer, Literally

What traveler hasn’t gotten off a plane after a long flight and, suddenly trying to adjust to a warm climate, thought about a dip in the water? Marieke van der... Read More

Maintainance Of Your Swimwear

Handwash only Do not bleach Do not tumble dry Do not iron Do not dryclean Your Summer in Style!Swimwear will last much longer if you bear in mind following instructions:... Read More


Do you dream of showing off your shapely legs under flowing dresses and daring to wear shorts without unsightly dapples on your knees and thighs this summer holiday? It's time... Read More

Why people love the beach!

Why is the Beach on the top of the list when people think of vacation? What makes beaches so appealing? I have often thought about this.  After all, India is... Read More
Olotayan Island, Capiz
Nautical Prints


Buying new swimwear for the Holidays, Summer and those island getaways is always a fun experience, except when you don't know what you are looking for. If you know your... Read More

History of Swimwear

The History of Swimwear  The swimsuit: a symbol of stylish summer fun. Parade it on the beach or in the privacy of your above ground pool at home. Swimwear’s history... Read More
Visual History of Swimwear Infographic by Backyard Ocean


The Beginning The First Swimming Pool The "great bath" is the earliest public water tank in the ancient world. It existed over 5000 years ago in the Pakistani city settlement... Read More

New Swimwear and Bikini Collection Launched!

Everyone knows a beach holiday means nothing without the perfect bikini to soak up the sun in. Not to mention an all important factor to snapping a great profile picture... Read More

Indian Spa Detox Retreat

INDIAN SPA DETOX RETREAT From Porn Star Martinis to purification kits, meditation and enemas, will Victoria Garo-Falides regret her Goan retreat? Having been meaning to lose weight since practically emerging... Read More

India's Most Popular Retailer of Swimwear, Beachwear, Swimsuits & Swim Supplies

India's Most Popular Retailer of Swimwear, Beachwear, Swimsuits & Swim Supplies We offer a wide range of swimming and beach holiday products for women, men, and children Beachwear & Beach ClothingSwimwear & SwimsuitsFootwear &... Read More