Beach Games for the Escapist

FOR THE ESCAPIST: Digging to Goa
(unless you are in Goa, in which case you’ll be digging somewhere else)

A favourite pastime of Joey Tribbiani in Friends, digging a huge hole in the sand may sound like a slight cop-out of a game, but boy, does it make you sweat. Give those arm muscles a good work-out by seeing who can dig the biggest hole in the fastest time – and make things interesting by setting a time limit and a forfeit for the loser. Whether you use your hands, a spade or both, you’ll soon have arms that rival those of Popeye. Note to cheaters: throwing your discarded sand in the general direction of your opponents’ hole may hinder their progress…but you didn’t hear that from us.

Phew! Now, time for a cool down. Race you to the water!



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