Your Guide To Holiday Health

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At The Beach Company we want to make sure your time spent by the water with friends & family is amazing. We bring you a quick guide with tips on how to prevent and issues while on holiday.


On The Plane

The air in an aircraft cabin is far drier than when on the ground so your face and body is likely to become dehydrated quicker. If you can face the flight without makeup it will do your skin the world of good. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the flight to keep you hydrated. Did you know that one alcoholic drink will affect your body exactly the same as two or three drinks on the ground? So be mindful with the booze.

In The Sun

Whether you’re jetting away to somewhere exotic or having a lovely staycation at your local hotel poolside, having the right sun protection is always important. Even if you’re sitting under a sun umbrella on the beach or sitting under a tree in a park, the ultraviolet radiation is still able to reflect off surfaces such as sand, water, grass and bounce onto your skin.

Layering up with SPF with a factor of 15 or higher is recommended as SPFs do a great job of protecting against UV rays and preventing sun burn. A good lip balm with SPF 15 or more is recommended to protect and nourish your lips from the effects of the sun.

It’s not just skin you should protect from the sun. Your eyes need protection too as sun damage to the eyes can occur anytime. Wear sunglasses that block UV rays and hats that will shade your face from the sun.

Mosquito Bites

Mosquitos are difficult to avoid when visiting a hot and humid country but there are ways to prevent being bitten repeatedly.

An insect repellent which is made to last up to 12 hours is highly recommended. Spray all over your body before getting dressed.

If you happen to get bitten whilst away, apply antihistamine cream to the affected areas as this will calm the reaction down, allowing you to feel comfortable and enabling you to continue enjoying your holiday.

Food Poisoning

The last thing you need is for your holiday to be ruined by sickness. Always wash your hands with soap and water before eating or drinking anything, to kill any bacteria that your hands may have picked up from outside. A good antibacterial hand sanitizer is always handy to carry in your handbag too. Avoid drinking tap water, this goes for ice in drinks too, avoid it. With foods, opt for freshly cooked dishes that have been served steaming hot. These simple precautions will help to prevent any illness whilst away, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the max.


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Culinary Treats in Goa This Season I SOI Candolim

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Anytime is fine to visit Goa. Be it the rainy summer, the cooler winter, or even during the Diwali holidays. However, the peak tourist season to visit Goa is between October and January when all your favorite restaurants, shacks & bars are open and offer a great vibe.

All this week, The Beach Company, your favorite beach holiday shopping destination shares information on our best culinary picks in Goa.

Featured Today:
Opposite Taj Holiday Village, Candolim Road,
Sinquerim, Candolim, North, Goa
(+91) 918308849516

The team at SOI, which means freshly grated coconut, will highlight Goan flavours in their food. Expect locally ground spices, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and poultry to shine through every dish. With signatures like Prawn Balchao Chops, Tisrenche Sukem (dry style clams), PrawnDangre (cutlet), Stuffed Bangde (Mackerel), Prawn Pickle and Alle Belle (pancakes with coconut and jiggery) in the offing – you’ll find food that’s usually cooked in homes, but not conventionally available elsewhere.

The wooden floored space will have a predominant Goan vibe with murals of South and North Goa across the walls, and a homely décor. The cocktails are designed around local flavours too, so you can definitely expect to be wowed by some boozy kokum and cashew feni mixes!

Opened on Sept 25 this year they operate for both lunch and dinner; Soi stands opposite Taj Holiday Village on Candolim Road.


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Culinary Treats In Goa This Season I ANTARES

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Anytime is fine to visit Goa. Be it the rainy summer, the cooler winter, or even during the Diwali holidays. However, the peak tourist season to visit Goa is between October and January when all your favorite restaurants, shacks & bars are open and offer a great vibe.

All this week, The Beach Company, your favorite beach holiday shopping destination shares information on our best culinary picks in Goa.

Featured Today:
Small Vagator, Ozran, Vagator, Goa 403509

Asian Influenced Modern Australian Cuisine

Probably the most anticipated restaurant launch this year, Antares has created massive buzz since it was first announced around September this year. This collaboration between Delhi-based restaurateur Ashish Kapur & Masterchef Australia Season 6 contestant Sarah Todd has transformed a breathtaking property on top of a cliff into a casual eatery cum vibrant beach club.

An architectural showpiece with awe inspiring views of the Indian Ocean. Experience casual fine dining. The cuisine is quite simple really: fresh ingredients, exotic flavors, classic cooking techniques with an injection of flavor through a charcoal grill.

Chef Sarah Todd has collaborated with the country's most ethical and sustainable growers to source ingredients that results in delicious organic and pesticide free produce. The menu is healthy and flavorful drawing inspiration from the Australian cuisine with a hint of Asian influence. A vision to deliver contemporary, inspiring and seasonal cuisine that’s accessible and affordable.

The verdict is in, Sarah Todd is onto a winner. But if you don't fancy a meal with more glitz than startlight, this may not be your pick!

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Weekend Luxe

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At The Beach Company we are always dreaming of the weekend, and since we can't manipulate time, we're just going to flood you with images of our most beautiful poolsides! Maybe this will help get the weekend here faster :)

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11 Secret Beach In Goa

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11 secret beaches in Goa

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Escape the crowds of Colva, Calangute and Anjuna by visiting these unexplored beaches instead.

has a very long coastline with almost unbroken sand cover. So, if you’ve come looking for sun, sand and sea without the crowds and the fuss you’ll be pleased to discover these beaches tucked away in quiet recesses where you can go to truly escape the world, or at least get away from prying eyes and annoying hawkers. Here is Skyscanner’s list of secluded beaches to try during your Goa holiday. You might have to take your own food and water as there are no eateries or accommodation near some of them. And though some of them may seem out of their way, you’ll be glad for the peace and quiet when you get there. 


1. Butterfly Beach 

This exquisite gem not only has a pretty name but is a relatively unexplored stretch of sand because of its isolation. It’s located on Butterfly Island and is a great place if you’re looking for total privacy. The only way to reach Butterfly Island’s beautiful beach is by boat from Agonda or Palolem beach.

Escape to this beautiful island beach by boat. Photo credit: Tourmet


2. Kakolem Beach

If you’re really up for an adventure try getting to this little-known beach, also known as Tiger beach. Located in a bay, its breathtaking beauty makes up for almost getting lost on the way there. The sands are clean and deserted. The only way by land is to take the NH66 highway towards Cola village. Turn north-east and drive on a broken old road which will lead you to a small platform. Take the narrow steep winding stone stairs leading down to the beach. A much easier way to get there is by renting a boat to transport you there and back. 

Explore the beauty of Kakolem Beach. Photo credit: Goa Villa


3. Galjibag Beach

Just like the increasingly popular Morjim beach, Galjibag is also a seasonal nesting and hatching site for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle. But unlike Morjim, this beach is deserted except for a handful of shacks that sell cheap, delicious seafood. Galjibag is 18kms from Canacona, south of Talpona river estuary. 

Have some seafood at Galjibag Beach. Photo credit: Beaches in Goa


4. Hollant Beach

This serene beach has a lovely bay with a long stretch of shallow water running into the sea that is perfect for non-swimmers and waders. The beach is rocky but the picturesque bay makes up for it. You’ll even see fishermen’s boats lining the narrow, curving shore to create a quaint picture.  

Take some selfies at this pictureque bay. Photo credit: Beaches in Goa


5. Betul Beach

The wide expanse of this compact sandy beach can be found about 18kms from Margao. The scenery will remind you of traditional coastal fishing villages. It even has a small lagoon and a 17th century fort nearby. Get to Mobor beach by land and then take the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry across the River Sal to the beach. 

Go in search of remote Betul Beach. Photo credit: Goa Villa


6. Arambol Beach

This beautiful place in Pernem is another quiet beach where you can have lively Barbeque evenings with friends and family, if you’re so inclined, while enjoying the views of the cliffs bordering the beach on both sides. The area is slowly gaining in popularity, attracting a more bohemian crowd to its shorelines. Cafes and restaurants have popped up close to the beach so you’ll be able to enjoy a chilled beer after a swim.

A great place to go with family and friends. Photo credit: Xtremespots


7. Agonda Beach

This is a fabulous place for a beach picnic under a beach umbrella. The rocky crag on the southern tip of the beach against an azure sky lends a bit of drama to the serene landscape. Go looking for the bats nesting in trees that line the shore. You can’t miss their black capes and orange-brown faces. It’s located about 37kms from Margao.

Take a stroll down serene Agonda Beach. Photo credit: Max KLM / Panoramio

8. Cola Beach

Even locals, who don’t live nearby, have never heard of this beach before. To get to this hidden treasure travel south to Canacona and then look around for the signs that will lead you to an immaculately spotless beach pictured against a flawless backdrop of coconut groves and blue skies. It’s only five minutes away from Agonda beach and has a unique lagoon surrounded by beach huts where you can stay overnight. 

Explore the hidden lagoon on Cola Beach. Photo credit: Alli Khan / Panoramio

9. Velsao Beach

Just north of the popular Majorda and Colva beaches in the southern part of Goa is this stunning beach with soft, silvery sand and nothing but a lifeguard and some birds to keep you company. You’ll spot a few swimmers here but like you they’re there to escape the crowds of more popular beaches nearby.

Nothing but silver sand and birds to keep you company on Velsao Beach. Photo credit: Rajeev Naique / Panoramio


10. Sinquerim Beach

This is a pristine stretch of alluring white sand close to Fort Aguada. It’s relatively quiet despite the luxury resorts in the background. It’s a great spot to sit in peace while enjoying the colours of the setting sun light up the sky over the Arabian sea. 

Visit Fort Aguada before you take a swim at Sinquerim Beach. Photo credit: Holidayiq

11. Siridao Beach

About 12kms south of Panjim near the Zuari river estuary is this beach with scattered blocks of rock in between smooth strips of sand giving the beach-scape an unusually rugged appearance. Another unique quality about this beach is the fragments of oyster shells that wash up on the shore and brighten up the beach. The Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth is the nearest landmark. Siridao also has a few caves nearby that you can explore. 

Wander among the rocks on Siridao beach. Photo credit: Beaches in Goa


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