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Yoga Retreat At Chiva Som

Chiva Som is the mother of all luxury beach retreats and I maintain should only to be talked about in hushed tones. With a reputation around the world as the... Read More

Splash your way to fitness

Water being the softest medium on earth offers zero impact to any workout done in it. Extremely therapeutic, water has amazingly healing properties that are miraculous for people with any... Read More
Aqua-sports: are growing in popularity


These well-known aqua-sports are now much talked about. THE BEACH COMPANY will introduce you to a few of these fashionable fitness sports, which as well as being fun, are effective.... Read More

The Ultimate Pool Workout

Shed pounds in the pool with this cool workout. It's a hot-day hit that will get results fast. Want to look better in your swim suit? Use your (pool) noodle.... Read More
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SwimFit - Pre Swim Warm Up Tips

Before you start your swimming session, you need to know your body is ready for the challenges ahead. You should plan a warm up, and stretch every time you exercise.... Read More