These well-known aqua-sports are now much talked about. THE BEACH COMPANY will introduce you to a few of these fashionable fitness sports, which as well as being fun, are effective.

Aqua-sports: are growing in popularity


Is probably the one that is the most talked about at the moment! The concept: a hydro bike is positioned on the pool floor. It allows you to pedal in water and do an invigorating aerobic workout. Just like a traditional biking lesson, it enables you to do a non-strenuous leg workout thanks to the water's resistance. It allows you to burn between 300 and 500 kcal per session, whilst doing a lower body, glutes and thigh workout and fighting against cellulite and flabby thighs thanks to the draining effect of water.


Run in the pool and in a group. Equipped with a weight belt or gilet, start by doing a few lengths to warm up. Alternate at different tempos, more or less fast, for a minimum 45 minute workout. There are multiple benefits for your body: thanks to water pressure, blood rises more easily to your heart when the heart rate increases: you therefore suffer less than when jogging on land. Moreover, aquajogging develops flexibility, strength and endurance.

Aqua-sports: are growing in popularity


It's traditional yoga…but in water! You are submerged in the pool with pool shoes and a swim top for added comfort. Perfect for letting go of stress, it's also perfect for pregnant women. No need to be able to swim perfectly or be a seasoned yogi! As the pressure of the water forces your muscles to work harder without the risk of stiffness, you will effortlessly tone your figure.


It's the pool version of body-combat. A mix of moves inspired by martial arts, karatekick boxing and boxing practiced in water for 45 minutes, whilst doing an aerobic workout and taking advantage of a hydro massage!


Is without doubt the activity that will help tone your body and make it more dynamic. So long as you practice at least twice or three times a week for a minimum of six months. You are assisted by using accessories such as foam  noodlesballs or pull-buoys that are placed between thighs, kickboards and footboards.


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