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5 Health Benefits of Swimming

5 Health Benefits of Swimming

Diving into the cool water of a swimming pool on a hot day is a child’s summertime dream ! But did you know that swimming is the perfect workout solution... Read More

8 Cool Beach hacks To Improve Your Holiday

Sun's Out...Fun's Out ! But the beach can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re not used to sand or salt water, but there are ways to make long beach days... Read More
8 Cool Beach hacks To Improve Your Holiday
10 Fun Bags, Totes & Clutches To Take You From The Beach To The Bar

10 Fun Bags, Totes & Clutches To Take You From The Beach To The Bar

Beach bags are a must for those summer vacays, but they needn't be those flammable totes which are purely for lugging towels around anymore !!! Here is a List of... Read More

Weekend Luxe

At The Beach Company we are always dreaming of the weekend, and since we can't manipulate time, we're just going to flood you with images of our most beautiful poolsides!... Read More

Wanderlust: BORACAY

Beautiful Boracay, you are at the top of our wanderlust list ! We are in daydream bliss this week dreaming of this little island in the Philippines. Just take a... Read More

Fresh Summer Mocktails

Go beyond the gin and tonic this summer and mix up cocktails and mocktails with garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Pick up rosemary and cucumbers to concoct a grown-up lemonade that... Read More


Landing in a destination like Goa, you’ll be greeted by stunning Goan beaches and some much needed R&R. Unfortunately; you’ll also be greeted by temptation. The temptation to indulge in the... Read More

20 idyllic beach getaways in Asia

Life's a beach, and in Asia there's a whole lot of good living to be had. We've researched and uncovered the top beach destinations to be found in the region.... Read More
Yunokawa, Japan

FINIS Swim Is Here

FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the company as it not only contains the word 'fin' (our first product),... Read More


These well-known aqua-sports are now much talked about. THE BEACH COMPANY will introduce you to a few of these fashionable fitness sports, which as well as being fun, are effective.... Read More
Aqua-sports: are growing in popularity