Water being the softest medium on earth offers zero impact to any workout done in it.

Extremely therapeutic, water has amazingly healing properties that are miraculous for people with any joint problem  like arthritis, diabetics ,heart patients, pre and post surgery rehab for knee/hip replacements, senior citizens, pregnant women and obesity, depression etc etc and the list goes on.

Aqua aerobics / hydrotherapy is about all of the above and the USP is one doesn't need to know swimming.

Deepali is an Aqua Specialist and has been globally certified by master trainers to conduct the above mentioned sessions. Having introduced Aqua Aerobics in India in 1999, in Mumbai, she then took the course to Kolkatta, Pune and Bangalore. Sessions with Deepali involve Aqualates (water +pilates), aquarobics, aqua strength training, aqua yoga which enhances cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibilility in the participants.

Here’s the great news J 600-1000 calories are burnt in an hour and with a low-impact activity! What more could one ask for? Sessions are conducted in tony South Mumbai clubs and are packed with people from all age groups (youngest being 9 years and the oldest being 84 years of age),who come there with different targets and goals to achieve.

So splash your way to fitness!

DEEPALI JAIN for The Beach Company


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