So More Can Swim

The Beach Company, India's largest retailer of swim & beachwear, is proud to announce the So More Can Swim initiative, in association with FINIS.

Statistics support the un-acceptable fact that drowning is the second leading cause of un-natural death in India, accounting for 29,000 lives lost this previous year, 20 percent of them children aged 14 or younger. Despite these shocking numbers, drowning continues to be a neglected public health threat in India.

The overall cost and access to local pools are two key factors that prevent adults from seeking learn-to-swim programs for themselves or their children in India. To solve these problems most effectively, The Beach Company will partner with nonprofit organizations, including the National Life Saving Society, that improves access to learn-to-swim resources.

“At The Beach Company, we’ve set out to achieve one goal: to change the way India approaches the water. We keep that singular mission in mind with everything we do, and this initiative is no exception. With the launch of So More Can Swim, I am thrilled to give our customers a new way to look through goggles while making a difference in the world of swimming.” Harshad Daswani, founder. "We developed So More Can Swim based on the simple belief that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy in the water.”

How It Works

The So More Can Swim initiative is now officially operational. Every month, starting November 2015, we will measure total goggle sales and donate a percentage to our non-profit partners. We will work closely with our partners to ensure that all donations achieve a common goal of making swimming more accessible.

Moving forward, The Beach Company aims to expand the efforts of So More Can Swim. Future plans include additional partnerships, a learn-to-swim reimbursement program for employees & their families, and more giveaway days. Currently, The Beach Company is collaborating with Indian Paralympic Medalists to identify an organization that makes swimming more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Some of the programs include:

Nippers Life Saving Programme:
The programme is focused on drowning prevention, beach culture, open water education, sports, fun activities.

IRB driver and crew:
Learn the fastest rescue technique to save a victim in open water. Become a professional of survival craft & rescue boat operations.

Aquatic Risk Assessment:
Through regular advocacy, consultancy, safety audits and risk assessments, So More Can Swim aims to educate and develop new methods to improve safety and administration at venues.

About The Beach Company

Founded in 2013, The Beach Company was set up by Harshad Daswani & Pri Shewakramani to combine their love for swimming and travel. The Beach Company products ranging from fashion to equipment are currently available in over 30 locations and are used by swimmers of all levels in 4 countries.