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Creating A Sunny Life

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At The Beach Company HQ, come September, there's a subtle shift in the energy in the studio – summer starts to arrive in Mumbai, the days lengthen, people are everywhere; the "sunny life" kicks in. We know we're lucky, that our work is to package up and promote a lifestyle that we all love so much – we want it to look easy… However, the truth is, our process is a little more involved then that.

As a truly holiday lifestyle brand – we create all of our products in their entirety and to make sure they tick all of the boxes, this takes some time. We start working on our summer ranges almost a year out – reviewing our previous seasons collection's, looking at our brand strategy and assessing global trends. We create themes, seasonal moods, colour palettes and prints – always many more then we actually need, which get honed into our collections and stories. We work with our supplier base from initial designs, through to the sample development and refinement process and after, much consideration and iteration, we commence our production runs. Concurrently, we work on how we're going to present the brand for the season – including activities like our photo shoots and catalogue preparation.

It requires the co-ordination and synchronicity of a great team – by this point in the cycle, we're thrilled to share the work, after all it's been designed for people to enjoy!

Throughout the season, we're going to invite you into our process to provide some insights into how we create The Beach Company - so stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes stories!


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