Goa. The name alone sets our pulses racing. Sun, beach, culture, scenery – and the best bit – thousands of kilometers separating us from reality. How could such a destination ever disappoint? Exactly, it couldn’t. So whether you’re umming and ahhing over whether to make the trip, or have just never thought about going before, here’s The Beach Company's feature to demonstrate why when it comes to Goa, going is the only real option.


We guess it’s pretty obvious that a staple of the Goa diet is fish & rice, since it’s a collection of coastal fishing villages and all that, and oh do we love seafood. Dining out around the beautiful hamlets of Goa is an event like no other, filled with flavours and freshness. To ensure we don’t keep this too vague, we’ve even picked out a few of our favourite places to eat on a few of our favourite beaches. Aren’t you lucky.

Number one has to be Martin's Corner in Betalbatim in South Goa. Completely unpretentious and a favourite amongst the locals, you can easily rock up here in your beach gear and sample the best prawn curry you’ve ever tasted.

Then, for the nights you do want to dress up and revel in a little pretension, there’s nowhere better than Cohiba in Candolim. You’ll enjoy beautifully cooked food in an unbeatable setting with a fabulous live-band.


Our favourite places to sleep around the Goa range from hammocks on the beach to luxury lodgings on white sand beaches. The iconic Park Hyatt in Cansaulim we couldn’t go without mentioning, but there are some other lesser known resorts that are just as spectacular. Take The Sol for example. Sure it’s a little expensive, but oh wow is it worth it. And the Marbella Beach Resort in Morjim is another truly spectacular place to while away a few nights in paradise.


There are so many things to do for fun on these islands, and in this instance, we couldn’t turn the spotlight on just one thing. So here’s a list of just a couple (or 22…):

Diving (although not some of the world’s best), snorkelling, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, climbing, swimming, spa-ing, horse riding, biking, driving, eating, drinking, cooking, sailing, wildlife watching, kayaking, jet skiing, shopping, skydiving, quad biking, star gazing…

Ok so we ran out of breath, but the list could be way longer. Just go already.



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