Women don't ask for much on holiday. But a beach that looks like it's out of the Bacardi commercial, fruity cocktails, and shiny hair that makes us look that we've come straight from the salon! Here are some of the tips from our crew at The Beach Company 

  • Keep your hair covered on the beach as sun rays can be so damaging.
  • Use a treatment once a week on your trip. Apply it in the day, cover with a hat and let the warmth from the sun help the ingredients penetrate the hair follicle.
Woman drying her hair on beach

Go boho: Keep your hairstyle relaxed on holiday

  • Don't just rinse hair at the end of the day. Give it a thorough wash to rid it of salt and chlorine.
  • Less is more. Don't over-style your hair in the evenings, a clever use of plaits or headbands can make holiday hair look great.
  • A dry set of rollers can add body and smooth out frizz, while hair oils can also calm hair down.

  • Prevention is better than cure. Always try and protect your hair as once it is damaged it can't be repaired. If you like to sunbathe, use a baseball cap.
  • If you have your hair done every six weeks, make sure you get it coloured two-and-a-half weeks before your holiday. That way you won't have roots and you'll be ready to get it done as soon as you get back.
  • The first thing I do when I return from holiday is book a hair colour, blow dry and manicure. Then I can go back out on the shop floor again.


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