Swimming is perhaps the only full-body workout activity that helps you burn calories without sweating. Not only does it involve well-coordinated use of upper and lower limbs, but also requires on good breathing capability. Whether you swim for pleasure or are a professional athlete, chances are that you might encounter injuries at some point of time. While it is impossible to avoid injuries completely, taking precautionary measures to minimize their effect is definitely within your reach. 

A sudden pulling of the muscles or their over-exertion usually causes injuries. In either case, loosening the muscles helps minimize the eventuality of an injury. Apart from limbering up, yoga & pranayama can also help minimize the damage. Conceptualized and practiced for more than two thousand years now, both these techniques have helped several athletes overcome injuries and train better, helping them push their own limits.

The benefits of swimming include relief from chronic illness, lowered risk of hypertension and stroke. It also helps tone the body and lose excessive fat. Yoga adds to these benefits by improving flexibility of the four limbs and strengthening the back. Pranayamas help improve the condition of the lungs and their breathing capacity.


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