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FINIS Releases Revolutionary Breaststroke Training Tool I KICK PRO

FINIS is proud to announce the release of the Kick Pro, a new kick efficiency-training tool. The Kick Pro has two neoprene cuffs that are attached to the leg at either... Read More

The Pool Photographer, Literally

What traveler hasn’t gotten off a plane after a long flight and, suddenly trying to adjust to a warm climate, thought about a dip in the water? Marieke van der... Read More
Dakar, Senegal. Preparing for dinner with a view on the Atlantic Ocean during sunset at the newly built Radisson Blu Hotel.


Do you dream of showing off your shapely legs under flowing dresses and daring to wear shorts without unsightly dapples on your knees and thighs this summer holiday? It's time... Read More

The Beach Company - India Today HOT STOPS

The Beach Company A definite stopover before your next big beach vacation, The Beach Company provides comprehensive solutions for all your beach holiday needs. Launched by Harshad Daswani and Pri... Read More

India's Swimming Heroes

PERSONAL PROFILEName : SANDEEP SEJWALDate of Birth : 23rd January 1989  Height : 6ft Weight : 75 kgs Educational qualifications : Second year B.A. at St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi Training base (India) : K. C. Reddy Swim Center, Bangalore Coach(es)... Read More


The Beginning The First Swimming Pool The "great bath" is the earliest public water tank in the ancient world. It existed over 5000 years ago in the Pakistani city settlement... Read More