FINIS Releases Revolutionary Breaststroke Training Tool I KICK PRO

FINIS is proud to announce the release of the Kick Pro, a new kick efficiency-training tool.

The Kick Pro has two neoprene cuffs that are attached to the leg at either the swimmers ankles, or around the knee area to promote a narrow kicking technique. When worn, the kick pro limits the distance between the legs, and activates the outer leg muscle, resulting in a faster and more efficient kick. The Kick Pro has a fully adjustable clip system so that swimmers can adjust accordingly.

Designed specifically for breaststroke, there have been many technical changes to the width of breaststroke kick in recent years, and the FINIS Kick Pro is an effective training tool, that will help swimmers monitor their technique and generate propulsion in the water.

“Breaststroke kick has evolved so much over the years and here at FINIS we wanted to develop a device that would teach the swimmer proper kicking style and help them build strength and muscle memory of that motion. The Kick Pro can also be used to teach proper flutter kick, making this a great universal tool for all kicking styles.” –John Mix, CEO, FINIS, Inc.

The Kick Pro is an effective training tool for beginners and elite athletes alike.

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