Anytime is fine to visit Goa. Be it the rainy summer, the cooler winter, or even during the Diwali holidays. However, the peak tourist season to visit Goa is between October and January when all your favorite restaurants, shacks & bars are open and offer a great vibe.

All this week, The Beach Company, your favorite beach holiday shopping destination shares information on our best culinary picks in Goa.

Featured Today:
Opposite Taj Holiday Village, Candolim Road,
Sinquerim, Candolim, North, Goa
(+91) 918308849516

The team at SOI, which means freshly grated coconut, will highlight Goan flavours in their food. Expect locally ground spices, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and poultry to shine through every dish. With signatures like Prawn Balchao Chops, Tisrenche Sukem (dry style clams), PrawnDangre (cutlet), Stuffed Bangde (Mackerel), Prawn Pickle and Alle Belle (pancakes with coconut and jiggery) in the offing – you’ll find food that’s usually cooked in homes, but not conventionally available elsewhere.

The wooden floored space will have a predominant Goan vibe with murals of South and North Goa across the walls, and a homely décor. The cocktails are designed around local flavours too, so you can definitely expect to be wowed by some boozy kokum and cashew feni mixes!

Opened on Sept 25 this year they operate for both lunch and dinner; Soi stands opposite Taj Holiday Village on Candolim Road.



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