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India's Most Popular Retailer of Swimwear, Beachwear, Swimsuits & Swim Supplies

We offer a wide range of swimming and beach holiday products for women, men, and children

Beachwear & Beach Clothing: Sarongs, Kaftans, Cover Ups, Maxi Dresses, Jumpsuits
Swimwear & Swimsuits: From Caprice, Arena, Speedo, TyR, Nabaiji, Tribord
Footwear & Flip Flops: Flip Flops from Havaianas, Crocs, Lotto, Sandals for the Poolside & Beach
Swim Supplies: Beach Bags, Swimming Goggles, Swimming Caps, Towels, Waterproof Cases Suncare & Sunblock, Snorkels & Masks, Sunglasses from Zoggs and Tribord
Swim Training: Swimming Equipment, Hand Paddles, Kick Boards from ARENA
Learn To Swim: for kids & adults - a wide range of floats, inflatables, and pool toys


Life Is A Weekend


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The THONG THROW for Lazy Beach Bums

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Thong throw

No effort required. Grab your Havaianas, give one to your mate and see how far you can lob each flip flop. The winner buys the first round of ice lollies.

Rules are:

1. Don’t whack any unsuspecting passers-by (especially not children) with your free-flying flip flop!

2. Do expect a dog and/or seagull to mistake this for a chance to nick your shoes, leaving you to walk ashamedly barefoot over the hot sand. We’ve all done it. And it’s miserable.

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Summer beach days are the best, but there's nothing worse than showing up to the sand or by the pool realizing you forgot something you really needed. For safe, happy beach days, it's best to plan and pack ahead, and we've got a list of our favorite beachy picks to get you inspired. Dive in to check them all out.

We love everything about this Arugam Bay Beach Bag (Rs 890), and it totally fooled us with its shape. It packs in so much more than you can imagine and has a inner pocket for your phone or shades.

Active Fun! No need to stay stationary on a towel all day. If you've got extra energy you'd like to burn, then grab a Paddle Ball Set (Rs 585 on sale!) for the perfect beach game that won't get lost in the waves.

SPF Coverage! The travel-size lightweight Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF50, 30ml (Rs 150) boasts SPF 50 and full coverage that doesn't feel too thick. This moisturizer will become your beachy secret weapon.
Catch A Wave! First things first — choose a swim suit that stays put no matter how active you get on the beach, like the Bikini Lucy Gloss by Lotto (Rs 799)
Cover Up! When the day starts getting warmer, throw on this breathable Smocked Maxi Dress (Rs 1,200) from The Beach Company or this incredibly soft-feeling printed Spot Sarong (Rs 405)
Protective Sunnies! While there are plenty of cute sunglasses on the market, finding a pair that's 100 percent UV protective, polarized, and cute can be a bit of a hassle. Maui Jim Sandy Beach (Rs 6,990) fits the bill.

Waterproof Containers! No need to lug around a huge box. This bite-sized Dry Pod from Go Essentials (Rs 645) offers the beach necessities you need in a tiny waterproof container.
Along with the stuff above take these along for the little ones!

Swimwear like Zoggs Jewel Reef, a beach bucket set (Rs 140), Dive Sticks from Zoggs (Rs 1,499), and of course comfortable beach footwear from Crocs (Rs 1,495)
And although we don't carry water, please stay hydrated! (Its the most important thing to have in your bag)
Have a great vacation folks, and share with us your stories and pictures!
Bon Voyage,
from all of us at The Beach Company.

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It's here! New swimwear, footwear, and swim confidence for our water babies!

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The Beach Company is so happy to have it's new friends on board. 

For you and your children, we've got something for all the water babies.

Swimwear from Zoggs, Footwear from Crocs & Havaianas, Sunglasses from Maui Jim and so much more ...

Come on in, check it all out!

Because Life is a Weekend at

The BEACH Company! 




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