As swimmers, we dedicate much time to the sport. More times than not, heading to practice seems like a daily chore wedged into our routines. Swimming is the epitome of a love-hate relationship—one day you’re dreading it, the next day you’re excited to dive in (pun intended). Most swimmers will spend at least 3 days a week in the pool, talking or thinking about swimming—but what keeps us coming back?

We asked national level swimmer, Aarthi Mediratta, and here was her response ...

1. The swimmer body—you don’t look like this by sitting on the couch.
2. For those mornings that it’s warmer in the water than it is outside the water—and for being able to make it out of bed on those cold mornings.
3. The ability to double your calorie intake and eat whatever you want, when you want it.
4. Coaches—we wouldn’t be here without them.
5. Teammates—we wouldn’t be sane without them.
6. Tapering
7. It teaches us to prioritize our time—it’s not easy juggling two-a-days, school, homework and a social life.
8. Although we could do without the tan-lines, we’re thankful for the year around tans.
9. It’s a lifetime sport.

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