Do you dream of showing off your shapely legs under flowing dresses and daring to wear shorts without unsightly dapples on your knees and thighs this summer holiday?

It's time for Operation Mermaid Legs


To get back or to acquire super-toned legs, nothing beats kicks, preferably with mini-fins. Hold the board in front of you, keep your arms straight, keep in your lane and start your laps! 


If you really dislike laps, here are some exercises from AQUAGym which you can do alone with your own equipment.

To tone your thighs:

Keep your back stuck to the side of the pool and the leg that touches the bottom slightly bent. Lift the other one our in front of you, bending your knee to 90 degrees, keep toes pointed. Straighten your leg out in front of you, in a wide movement. Start slowly and then accelerate. Do series of 15 movements with each leg.

To tone your inner thighs:

In deep water, place a pool noodle under each armpit. Bend your knees in front of you, then open and close your legs. Do series of 15 movements. Each time, don't forget to contract your abs and remember to breathe!


For slimmer legs: 

Keep your feet together, straight back, facing the side of the pool, and place your hands on the edge. Lift one leg on the side, and make large circles, keeping straight. Do 15 rotations clockwise and 15 anti-clockwise, then change leg.

To slim down your thighs:

Pedalling is the best way to reduce flabby thighs that ruin our figures. Sit on the ladder, hold on the rails and pedal with your legs out in front of you as if you were on a bike. You will of course be in the way of people who want to get in and out. But it will be an opportunity to take a break. Try to do this exercise for 10 minutes in total.

For slimmer ankles:

Keep straight, both feet together. Like a dancer, go up on pointe, then back down with your heels on the floor. Do series of 15 movements. For a change, you can have your feet in first position, with your heels together, but toes apart.


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