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Gran Canaria's cultural scene

A Visit To Gran Canaria

Throughout its history (and aside from being one of Europe’s best sun spots for a luxury beach hol) Gran Canaria has been a melting pot of different cultures. Crossing point... Read More

This Is Musha Cay, Our New Favorite Escape

Want to impress family and friends this summer and take them to one of the most magical places in the world?Well, look no further than Musha Cay: The Islands of... Read More

The world's best gay beaches for 2014

It’s been an especially long winter this year, but those screams of “Keep those carbs away from me!” heard echoing from everywhere can mean only one thing: #Summer2014 is finally... Read More


We’ve caught up with Matt Hegarty who, aside from heading up Brit band “Matthew and the Atlas", manages to squeeze in his fair share of beach hopping. Q: If there’s... Read More

Beach of the Month: Bottom Bay

Each month we bring you one of the best beaches in the world as our Beach of the Month and this month’s best beach is one of Barbados’ most beautiful... Read More

India's Lighthouse Heritage

India's lighthouses are stars of the shore, beacons of brilliance and luminaries of lore. With more than 100 lighthouses across 7 districts dotting the Indian peninsula, these lighthouses form a... Read More
Photo: Sculpture on beach

Top 10 Beach Cities in the World

1. Barcelona, Spain With layers of architectural wonders, cutting-edge cuisine, and buzzing nightlife,Barcelona would be a world-class city even without the eight white-sand beaches that rim its Mediterranean coastline. Accessible by... Read More