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We’ve caught up with Matt Hegarty who, aside from heading up Brit band “Matthew and the Atlas", manages to squeeze in his fair share of beach hopping.

My Beach

Q: If there’s one thing the beach has taught me it’s…
A: Don’t under estimate the sun, I burnt my legs on a beach once and couldn’t walk for two days, not the best.

Q: When impressing friends with exotic beach tales, my beach boast is…
A: Staying on a beach in Vietnam, sleeping in wooden huts in a bamboo garden behind the sand dunes was pretty cool. There were only 8 other backpackers staying there so the whole beach was deserted and all ours!

Q: Beach at sunset or sunrise, and which beach?
A: I was always find sunrise pretty special, so any beach will do for that.

Q: Beach must-have?
A: Ice box to keep cold beers in is pretty good.

Q: Beach Read or Beach Listen?
A: Anything by M.Ward would suit me fine for the beach

Q: If you could lounge on one beach for the rest of your life, which would it be?
A: I spent two weeks at Vagator beach in Goa when travelling through India. We had a room which cost £1.50 a night and it sat right on the beach. We didn’t want to leave.

Q: Beach you’d never go back to?
A: A beach in Monastir, Tunisia – I got stung by a jelly fish, then stung by a wasp because they told me to put tomato juice on jelly fish sting. I then knocked myself out on an air conditioning unit walking back to the hotel because I was looking down at my wasp and jelly fish stings. Not a proud moment.

Q: 3 records for the beach would be?
A: Longest Day by Megafaun, One Hundred Million Years by M.Ward, Kare Kare by Crowded House



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