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In January, we always make new year's resolutions. But when it comes to sticking to them, a little push in the right direction wouldn't go amiss. The Beach Company is here to give you all the tips you need to help you get back into shape with swimming and even more so with aqua sports! Follow our guide...


Comment vaincre la cellulite

It's well known that swimming and aqua sports are perfect for getting rid of those little dimples that bother us so much. However, you have also got to be doing the right activity to lose them quickly and efficiently!

If you are looking for an effective anti-cellulite treatment, look no further than aquatic exercises. But also, it all depends on what area you want to work on: buttocks? Thighs? Arms?

For example, with aqua finning, you can go straight to the pool and take your fins with you! Know that, in any case, swimming with fins is known for its ability to sculpt your legs and banish that wretched cellulite. Provided, of course, that you go several times a week so that the effects can be seen quickly.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself while keeping sight of your goals!


 A great many aqua sports made an appearance in 2013. Or rather, became popular! That's because, in addition to being fun to do, the results can be seen very quickly.

For those of you who want to get started straight away, more and more swimming pools have kitted themselves out with the necessary equipment. This is the case for aquabiking. You can do this sport in a group or in individual booths if your pool is fitted with them.

Benefits: perfect against tired and heavy legs, cellulite and for gently getting back into sport. For those who are sensitive to the cold, Nabaiji has developed special aqua sports wear for women. 

Aquafitness is still a sport of choice for those who want to tone up from head to toe without having to suffer too much!
And then there are all the others such as aqua running, aqua boxing, etc.

A multitude of opportunities available to you to help you get back into shape while enjoying yourself!

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