Resortwear Basics: 5 Handy Tips

5 handy tips for packing right and keeping cool on your next summer break:

#1 Pack ‘natural fabrics’ - cottons and silks are perfect. They ‘breathe’ well in the humidity and will keep you cool. Don’t underestimate silk…it’s tough and will dry in a flash.

#2 Take clothes with longer, looser sleeves - believe it or not, they will actually keep you cooler because they allow the air to circulate and keep the direct sun off at the same time. They're also handy if you're out sight seeing, visiting places where cultural/religious dress codes are different and should always be respected.

#3 Consider Air Flow - during the heat of day. Summer dresses of all lengths are great for ensuring cooler, fresh air can circulate around your body. Skirts will do a similar thing as will kaftans and tunics. Knee length or long, they will still be cooler than skin hugging pants, t-shirts and even shorts!

#4 Pack versatile pieces - it'll mean packing less. Lugging over-stuffed bags around will certainly make you sweat! Make sure you take VERSATILE pieces in your holiday stash that will take you ‘from beach to bar’ in effortless style and grace. Kaftans and tunics are fabulous for layering or transforming from day to night. ‘To the knee please’ if you are less confident. Remember to keep the layering in proportion, the longer the top, the longer the bottom.

#5 Don't forget your hat - the widest brim your face and body shape will handle. A hat will keep the sun directly off your head and face and help to keep you cool...bit like the long sleeves. Will also prevent premature aging...has to be a good thing! If a hat is all too much for you, try a visor. Not as great for sun protection but some is better than none.

There are loads more tips on how to pack and dress for ’summer’ at where you can buy stunning summer kaftans, dresses, wide brim hats, visors and more!

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