Once the summer gets here, I spend many days at the beach with the family. We usually spend a week or two in Goa or down in Kerala, walking the beaches. Because of my fun in the sun, I want to share my top five beach exercises — and please, let me know what your favorites are too.

Number five: Walking lunges

Although you may look a little odd lunging around the shore, you need to think ahead to the legs you'll be able to show off after you've lunged around the beach. To help keep your feet cool and wet, find a nice stretch at the water's edge; this way you'll be able to enjoy the sand, the water and the exercise.

Number four: Jumping jacks

As far exercises go, jumping jacks are as basic and simple as it gets. You don't have to bring equipment and you don't need to have a great fitness base — just start jumping. The best part is that you get to feel like you're a kid again.

Number three: Push-ups

You'll notice throughout my list is one recurring theme: no equipment needed. The best type of beach workout is one where you can just show up and exercise. Getting your nose in the sand is one of the best ways to truly "feel" the beach; just be careful not to drop and give me 20 on broken seashells.

Number two: Beach biking

Although you cannot perform this exercise at every beach, I enjoy it so much it shoots up to number two on my list. Along many shorelines, the sand is too soft or riding is prohibited; but when allowed, there's nothing better than riding on the beach. Besides the aerobic benefits you'll receive, the sea breezes and people watching are unbeatable.

Number one: Beach jogging

In my opinion, the most enjoyable summer exercise is jogging at the beach. The sand below your feet — or between your toes if you prefer to run barefoot — really makes it a unique activity. It's so great to run through and past everyone lying in the sand knowing that you'll be more fit by day's end. And as is the case with my entire list, if you get a little too hot, simply stroll into the water and cool off.


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