Ever have that feeling of dread before a swim? Us too! The truth is, everyone experiences the distinct, anxiety-inducing thoughts of the cold water and the long workout ahead. But the truth is, the feelings of reward and satisfaction after a swim are irreplaceable. So how do you conquer the demons of swimming dread? The Beach Company has put a few tricks that might help.


We all have that voice in our head that lists the reasons why we could skip a swim altogether. The way to overcome that obstacle is to create a new voice, one that convinces you that it will be worth it. Pick a phrase that pumps you up and keeps you positive for those moments before your workout.

A couple of our favorites:
“Don’t give up what you want MOST for what you want now.”
“Do it now because sometimes later becomes never.”


Add something to your routine that you genuinely look forward to. We may be biased, but we like adding training gear to the workout. Using tools in a workout adds variety to a long pool session. How to pick the right tools? Focus on a goal you’d like to achieve and select gear that will help you do just that.

Build Muscle: Arena Vortex Hand Paddles
Improve Technique: Freestyler Hand Paddles, Forearm Fulcrum
Cardio Conditioning: Swimmer’s Snorkel or Glide Snorkel


Give yourself credit for a job well done! Positive reinforcement is a key to building a strong routine. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, make sure that’s your first stop after the pool. Another good option: try setting a monthly goal and treat yourself with some new swim gear or perhaps a night out when you reach it


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