It is essential to buy the right products for your needs, especially if you're just starting swimming. Read our starting guide below to get an idea of what you might require, and remember to have fun at the pool!

Swimming Goggles

Goggles are essential to keep water out of your eyes allowing swimmers to see clearly underwater, whether swimming in a pool or beach they also offer protection from chlorine and salt. Finding the right goggles to suit you will ensure a good grip to provide a maximum water tight seal whether in the shallow end at the pool or deep water at sea. With various shapes and sizes available holding your goggles to your face without attaching the strap will tell you if they will seal around your eyes and putting them on fully will instantly indicate how comfortable they are.

Swimming Caps

Swim caps are often constructed from a flexible rubber, silicone or latex construction to ensure a secure fit and can provide visibility for you as a swimmer in open water and provide durable protection to enhance your swimming experience. Swimming caps are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and materials where you will be able to identify a cap that suits your needs whether needed for keeping your hair out the way and out of reach of chlorine to being streamline and to help boost performance.


Kickboards are ideal for learning a new stroke, refining technique and provide an excellent support for beginning swimming or for improving your leg stroke. Made from a foam construction, a kickboard is ideal to provide adequate support and will provide buoyancy, enhancing balance leaving you able to concentrate on specific areas, such as the legs and your kick propulsion or the arms when needing extra buoyancy.
Nose Clips

Nose Clips

There are various types of nose clips available however they all serve one purpose, to keep water out! Nose clips pinch the nose and when fitted correctly ensure the water stays out so you can focus on your stroke and improve your technique. Ideal for beginners, they allow for easier breathing and enable you to practice and refine your stroke whilst learning to swim. Clips allow you to focus solely on breathing through the mouth and enable you to practice manoeuvres before swimming independently as well as being a solution to deter from any allergies to chlorine.
Inflatable Armbands


Armbands are ideal swimming aids for learning to swim, rehabilitation and for practicing technique. Worn on the upper arms inflatable arm bands are a great, inexpensive, durable swimming support to help build confidence in the water. Armbands aid buoyancy and provide comfort and ease of movement to help you keep afloat while learning to swim or for some extra support when venturing into the deep end and to stay supported on open waters.

Swimming Footwear

From aqua shoes to flip flops and pool shoes there are a variety of footwear available to enhance your experience. Pool shoes and flip flops are ideal for leisure and wearing around the pool or drying off where aqua shoes are a great form of protection, ideal for use in the pool or on the beach, great for diving or exploring to give your feet extra security. Water shoes can be used in a variety of activities and water sports to ensure your feet stay protected in a range of environments.
Swim Noodles and Floats

Noodles & Floats

Swimming noodles have multiple uses making great pool toys whilst also being used as an educational swimming tool to aid beginner swimmers or as workout equipment in water aerobics classes. Constructed from a durable yet supple cylindrical shaped foam and provide support and keep you afloat whilst maintaining maneuverability and allowing for different motions. Noodles can enable you to refine different techniques by targeting different parts of the body and are also great for rehabilitation by giving extra support on specific areas in the water.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs can help prevent swimming related irritations such as swimmers/surfers ear. The plug is inserted into the ear to prevent water entering the canal and are suitable for a range of sports including swimming and surfing.


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