Why is the Beach on the top of the list when people think of vacation?

What makes beaches so appealing? I have often thought about this.  After all, India is a tropical country where pristine beaches are all over the South. The one thing I love most about the beach is the feeling of tranquility and inner peace, overlooking the vast ocean, the blue sky, the sway of coconut trees and gentle blow of the sea breeze that caress the skin makes me feel so free.

So why beach holidays are so popular? Well, one of the reasons that people will tell you is that going to the beach is relief from the chaotic city life that they usually live. Everybody needs to have a little change of scenery every now and then and the beach is just the perfect place to relax and forget work for a while. Perhaps it’s the way the soft sand feels against your bare feet as you walk along the waves. The sound of the waves brings a feeling of calm and you can feel the stress fall away. The warmth of the sun feels good as it shines down on your shoulders. Beaches are linked with large bodies of water where you can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing. See, you can do plenty of things there as the beach offers plenty of activities for people. Or if the art of doing nothing is what is on your mind, you can also do that there.

Olotayan Island, Capiz

But it’s more than just that. There’s this theory that the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the gentle rocking that is often associated with spending time by the water’s edge has a deeper connection to us. Some postulate that the similarities between the water and the time we spend in the womb make a return to said environment soothing, hence why we are drawn back to it. Because of the tremendous magical feeling of being with the ocean and listening to how the forces of nature flow, it inspires many to have family celebration at the beach, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Water is life. The ocean is almost synonymous to the celebration of life.

Whatever the reason why beach holidays are popular, one thing is for sure, people enjoy the way beaches make them feel and the relaxation they take with them. It’s a feeling like no other. They say that salt water cures all. Now if stress is the disease that has been plaguing you, the beach is the best way to heal you. Just imagine having an ice-cold beer while watching the sun go down as the rest of the world becomes non-existent….divine!

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