Konkani rap sensation Waking Grunt releases new love song, Zai Tujo Mog

Konkani rap sensation Waking Grunt releases new love song, Zai Tujo Mog

Continuing our never-ending love for all things Konkani, Amit Jaiwant Naik aka Waking Grunt's new love rhapsody, 'Zai Tujo Mog', is a surprise as he has moved away from convention of highlighting social issues! 

When you hear the name Waking Grunt, you know you're in for a song that tackles social issues or problems that affect people. But this time, the hip-hop singer, Amit Jaiwant Naik aka Waking Grunt, is surprising his listeners with a love song.

He has come up with a Konkani song -- Zai Tujo Mog -- that focuses on the beauty of relationships and how love finds a way even in times of hardships and difficulties.



Waking Grunt has penned down honest lyrics that bring out the power of love with a lot of love and compassion. Naik says that love or romantic songs were never part of his style but he loved working on it. "Before this all my tracks were based on social issues and real problems that affected the society. But this is the first time, I have ventured into love," he adds.


As a rapper, Naik does not want to be pigeonholed into a particular genre. He wants to explore all types of music that feels right to him.

He said that people often think he is a cold-hearted person because of the kind of songs he used to make. However, he wants to show that he is capable of expressing softer emotions such as love.

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