As a brand that champions the glory of salty days spent on coasts across the globe, we want to do our part to continue raising awareness of the devastating effect of plastic waste on our beautiful oceans. We’re boycotting straws, saying no to single-use cutlery, using our branded coffee cups and avoiding plastic bags wherever we can. Our office is passionate and committed to recycling anything we can, and we’re keeping an eye out for products with microbeads, which can be found in face-scrubs, toothpaste and body washes.

None of this is sexy, but it is part of the reality we’ve all created, and it matters. We want to spread the word and shine a light on the brands who are taking action to create change; the brands that you can favour to help make waves in this huge issue of our time.

The Beach Company - Save Our Oceans

Fashion | Adidas

One of the best known for its ongoing collaboration with environmental body Parley for the Oceans, Adidas aims to find ways to turn plastic waste from the ocean into high-tech sportswear.

Tech | Dell

As one of the biggest tech companies on the globe, Dell are leading with innovation by processing plastics found on beaches and using them as a part of their new packaging system.

Fashion | Stella McCartney

Renowned for her ethical approach to fashion, Stella McCartney has committed to swap woven or recycled polyester for ocean plastics in all of her product designs.

World Ocean day is on 8th June, but there are 364 other days where we can do our bit too…


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