Holiday By Your Star Sign

Holiday by your star sign | Astrology | Astro Travel

The Beach Company astrology experts* have been scouring the astral plains, staring into their crystal balls and drinking copious amounts of loose leaf tea in order to divine the best holiday destination for you to visit in 2013, according to your star sign. Read on for our profound insights…

*Disclaimer: Not actual experts, just enthusiasts

Libra | Holiday by your star sign | Beach Holiday | Beach TomatoLibra

Life for you, dear Libra, is going to be a lot lighter. It’s a good year for weight loss, trying out highlighted hair and joke-telling. You never know where all that could lead.

2013 destination – Morocco. Perfectly suited to your innate indecision, Morroco strikes a balance between urban sophistication and easy-going beach culture. Spend time souk-shopping and surfing. Plus, if anyone can work neoprene it’s a Libra.


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