There’s simply nothing like it; sunshine, fresh air, and exercise all rolled into one sandy, beachy lot. Don’t believe us? Well, we’re about to give you five health reasons to get yourself to the beach pronto.


Yep, you heard us right. The glorious sun that we chase all the way to the beach has a direct effect on our health and emotional wellbeing. Well, that’s good news if we ever heard it. Exposure to the sun causes our brain to increase production of serotonin – which is the hormone that controls our feelings of happiness and wakefulness. We’re sure that it definitely helps that everything to do with sunshine also works to boost that happy factor. Note: ice-cream, bikinis and sunbathing all come under this category. However, make sure you don’t overdo it; overexposure to the sun is just as harmful as no sun, if not more harmful. So make sure you slap on the SPF and get your fix.


Imagine it. The only sound in earshot is the rhythmic and gentle rumble of rolling sea waves, and a cool ocean breeze is gently fanning you as you sunbathe and sip from a cocktail. Feeling stressed? Probably not. Unless you’re in the unlikely minority and based within close proximity of the sea, a trip to the beach is usually a rarity and also indicative that you are on holiday. Trust us, this rarity is much needed. Every so often, we are all in need of a break from the everyday stresses of life; time to unwind, lounge around and do absolutely nothing. This is imperative for your emotional wellbeing and may also help stop you from becoming overwhelmed with the pressures of daily life.


We’ve all heard the age-old advice that sand works as a brilliant, natural exfoliator. Well, as well as having great beauty properties, you’ll be glad to hear that it also doubles as being beneficial for your health. Walking barefoot in the sand is great for stimulating the muscles in your feet as well as working your calf muscles. The sand also massages the soles of your feet, which improves circulation. Start on wet sand near the water’s edge, as it is sturdier and less tricky; then when you feel like more of a challenge, go for a stroll on dry soft sand. The unstable nature of this variety makes it more difficult to walk on, will work your muscles that bit harder and therefore also burn more calories. Who knew that a stroll on the beach could be hard work?


As if we needed another excuse to don the beachy waves, bright bikini and test out our surfing skills. Surfing is a highly energetic water sport and will use almost every muscle in the body. It also promotes cardiovascular fitness and core strength…in short, it incorporates twists, turns and a whole lot of swimming; all of which is extremely beneficial to your health and overall fitness. Not to mention the fact that water provides gentle resistance, which is great for toning up and smoothing any bumpy areas. And it’s not just surfing, all manner of physical beach activities: a stroll along the shore, a volleyball game, or even a quick paddle in the ocean. Why do you think you’re always so tired after a day of frolicking at the beach? Well, it’s definitely worth it for that widely-covetable surfer body.


Obviously we’re not talking about setting up camp on the water’s edge, but a day at the beach has proven to be highly beneficial for your sleeping patterns. Yes, that worn-out feeling after visiting the beach is actually a good thing! Studies have shown that exercise or physical activity can increase the positive benefits that sleep can bring. The exercise can help you fall asleep faster, as well as remain in a deeper sleep for longer. Still awake? Don’t worry, a combination of vigorous beach exercise, the intensity of the sun and that relaxed holiday feeling will induce a deep slumber in no time. And of course, after the sleeping, comes the fresh-feeling of having had a great night’s sleep.


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