Sea water bad for your hair? Au contraire my friend, here are five cases in which the sea is good for your tresses. As if we needed another reason to hit the beach…

Natural beach waves

Gisele Bündchen. Well that’s just said it all hasn’t it. Who isn’t in constant awe of the effortless, surfer-chic mane sported day-in day-out by the model? There’s just one thing…the widely coveted look is usually created by a combination of time-consuming tousling, upside-down blow drying, heavy duty product and it doesn’t come cheap. Well, except it does. Yup, your high-end salt sprays have nothing on the real thing. The sea’s salt content attributes a natural texture to your hair that will work to add volume and accentuate already present curls. As if we needed another excuse to visit the beach…cue hours of surfing, sea frolicking, Baywatch hair flicks et voilà, beach hair galore.

Smells like sea spirit

Alright, it’s no Chanel no. 5, but there is an inarguable subtle scent that can only be obtained after having spent a glorious day at the beach. Yes, a fragrant cocktail consisting of specks of salty ocean water, a crispy sea breeze, and flecks of earthy sand grains. Shame you can’t bottle the stuff, but trust us, unlike regular perfume, there is no need to top up during the day; one hit at the beach and you’re set until the evening. Will it last past your holiday? No. But all the more reason to return.

No shampoo, no tears

Almost like Johnson’s, except it doesn’t come in a bottle; it’s that great blue expanse we call the ocean. Allegedly, when hair is immersed in the sea, the water can act as a natural detoxifying agent, whereby dead skin cells are removed making the scalp healthier as well as dreaded product build-up that can occur from over-styling. Furthermore, there is no need to worry that your hair will lose its sheen; sea water is gentle enough to ensure that your hair will maintain its natural healthy oils. Healthy hair minus the bother of shampoo? We don’t need telling twice.

The Hair is Greener on the Other Side

Unless you’re channelling the Joker look, green probably isn’t for you. Well, it’s not for us either and that’s why we choose to swim au natural. No, not naked. We mean in the ocean. Apparently sea water is a lot less likely to turn your hair green if you’ve recently dyed it. Of course it’s still not advisable to go for a marathon ocean adventure rocking a fresh new colour; but in comparison to the damage potentially caused by the chlorine content in traditional swimming pools, the sea’s definitely the safer choice. Goodbye cabbage tinge.

Bye Bye Itchy Scalp

Packing for a beach holiday? Well, as long as you’re prepared to brave the ocean, then leave the Head & Shoulders at home. Allegedly, swimming in the ocean has been known to relieve the symptoms of an inflamed or itchy scalp area. The sea water acts as a gentle exfoliant, as well as working as a natural antiseptic to help clear up any little problem areas. So take a break from the incessant itching and instead indulge in a dip in the ocean. Wait for the cooling and soothing sensation to wash over you and be glad that for once it’s not you doing the washing.

BUT…there is such a thing as too much of a good thing

As much as the sea has undeniable benefits for your hair, remember; everything in moderation. What with the unrestrained frolicking in the ocean, it can sometimes be easy to forget that sea water can also be extremely drying when areas are exposed in excess. So make sure you try and rinse your hair with normal water before going into the ocean, this will ensure your hair is not absorbing 100% sea water. Then, post-holiday, slather on that conditioner thick.


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