How to Find the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Whatever your shape, we found a suit—guaranteed to make a splash.


If You're Big-Chested...

"Finding bathing suits is hard because my top half is much bigger than my bottom," says Malini Saha, 29, a residential real estate agent. Malini relies on bandeau styles, and occasionally even a tailor :) "I shop for suits with structure so I can run around and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction," she says. This patterned bandeau is supportive and slimming.

If You're Small-Busted...

Singer Vandana Baghera, 33, is forever on the hunt for suits that will build her bust and elongate her petite frame. This bright feather printed bikini plays up the bustline and makes her legs seem like they start at the—very high—waist. "It's so retro and feminine," says Baghera. "I never would have expected it to look this good on me."



If You're Pear-Shaped...

"I used to compromise on an unflattering top or bottom, but now I see that I don't have to," says Jacinda, 36, a freelance public relations professional from Goa. Thanks to its unique cutaway style, this A-Line suit accentuates what she likes most (her small waist) and hides what she's self-conscious about (her hips). It's both sexy and demure—and, as she says, "definitely worthy of a trip to Thailand."


If You're Athletic...

Shalini Molnar, 46, a Spinning instructor in Bengaluru, works out six days a week to maintain her lean, toned figure. "It took until my 40s to love my teenage physique," she says. "But with a small bust and hips, I'm always looking for styles that add femininity." The playful print  of this swimwear from Arena balances Molnar's shoulders; and the solid bottom breaks up her long torso. 


Whatever your shape, size, or level of athleticism - at The Beach Company we work to meet your every need in the water. where Life is Always A Weekend!


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