Dune buggies are a combination of versatility and fun. You can go places in a dune buggy that a regular car gets stuck, like mud-bogging or sand hopping. Big sand dunes provide a location where you can let loose and have fun!



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      Determine the size of the dune buggy. Dune buggies come in many different sizes. Not only can you select the number of people the can safely ride in a dune buggy, you can also choose the size of the engine. Standard sizes for the body can hold from one to four people.

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      Pick the dune buggy's configuration. You need to know where you will use the dune buggy the most in order to chose the configuration that will work best for your dune buggy. The configuration options for dune buggies extend to the suspension, horse power and accessories. Some dune buggies will have a higher lift from the ground to allow greater coverage of road hazards.

    • Consider how you will transport your dune buggy. Some dune buggies are street legal and you can drive them to your destination. Other dune buggies can only be driven in remote locations or in places that have been cleared for their use. You need to have a trailer to tow the dune buggy to your destination if the dune buggy is not street legal.

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      Buy the dune buggy. Now that you have established the criteria you need for a dune buggy you can go shopping. Outdoor recreational stores generally sell dune buggies. You can also check websites or newspaper classifieds for private sellers. Most dealers do not finance dune buggies, so you need to be prepared to pay with cash, check or credit card.

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