Beach Game Ideas

Beach Game Ideas

The next time you are out at the beach, try mixing up your routine. Instead of laying out in the sun or building a sand castle, play a new beach game. Do not even think about bringing a kite or a sand bucket. Try some new games instead for a memorable and exciting afternoon at the beach.


Treasure Hunt

  • We have all seen the people racing around with metal detector, trying to find long-lost treasure. The next time you are at the beach, set up your own treasure hunt, just with boundaries and a guarantee of finding the goods. If you are with a group of people, send someone out to the beach early to rope off an area and bury treasures, from plastic toys to special prizes sealed in plastic zipper bags, like gift cards or DVDs. Be sure to make a list of all of the buried treasure and check it off as members of your group find them so you'll be able to keep the search alive until the last object is found. Also, make sure you bury everything far enough away from the ocean so when the tide comes in you are not chasing your prizes as they roll out to sea.

Obstacle Course

  • Running on the beach is hard. Running on the beach over obstacles is even more of a challenge. If you are out on the beach with a competitive group, make your day at the beach interesting by setting up a crazy obstacle course. Try creating hopscotch squares in the sand, require participants to toss a frisbee into a large basket or scoop out large holes that everyone must hop in and out of--make sure they are wide enough to fit large feet, as you do not want anyone to get stuck. Reward the winning person with a dip in the ocean and a cool drink.


  • For a lively, heart pumping game, tuck a bandana into the back of everyone's swimsuit. In a predetermined area on the beach, everyone is tasked to "live" as long as possible (keep their bandana) while trying to collect the bandanas from the backs of their opponents' swimsuits. Be sure to clear the area of sharp shells or other objects that could cause harm before beginning. This game is sure to bring out both a competitive spirit and plenty of laughs from all involved.

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