7 Reasons Your Body Wants You To Plan A Beach Trip Right Now

Ah, the beach. Is there anything better? There's just no place quite as relaxing, beautiful or pleasant, and no place that combines the simple pleasures of unplugging and enjoying nature in our otherwise tech-heavy and work-driven realities. The beach helps us recharge -- and we need to be making A LOT more use of it.

We know most jobs already offer vacation time, but considering these specific health benefits of the beach, maybe it's time they carved out days for their employees to spend in the sun and sand.


Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D


Sand is a natural exfoliant


It could help rheumatoid arthritis patients feel better


Sunlight has been shown to decrease depression


Seawater preserves elasticity of skin



A day at the beach gets you moving without even trying



And perhaps most importantly, the beach decreases your stress level by helping you unplug



The beach is a magical place that can recharge you and help you stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually. For those reasons, we conclude that beach visits are seriously healthy, not to mention pretty pleasant. Just remember to wear your sunscreen.


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