Whether you have a break on the beach planned soon, or boarding the plane is a distant dream, thinking about what to take away with you can be a pain.


You need to put together your outfits for the day and evening, as well as taking into account that the sunshine might temporarily hide away and rain might even make an appearance! This is where a capsule wardrobe is going to be your saviour – but what is it?

The term first came about in the 1970s, invented by a London boutique owner called Susie Faux. It is a collection of your most essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion. It is usually applied to your whole collection of clothes, but there’s no reason why you can’t have one for your holiday clothing!

So, what makes up the best beach capsule wardrobe?


For those scorching days when you’re working on your tan, a comfortable and flattering bikini or swimsuit is a must-have.

Your essential bikini should have a deep triangle shape top which gives the best coverage. A tie-back halter-neck top is the most flexible, whether you are taking a stroll along the seafront, or if you are laying on the sand soaking up the rays. This is because you can always untie the straps when they aren’t needed to avoid pesky tan lines.

If you prefer a swimsuit or tankini, choose a style that you would feel most comfortable wearing. Bear in mind that if you are planning on spending most of the day in the sun, you will want the material to be breathable to avoid getting overheated.

Away from the beach, there are plenty of options on what to wear (which is why your suitcase will get so jammed!). Think about including a maximum of two skirts, two pairs of shorts, two dresses, a sarong, and a pair of trousers to cover all bases. It might seem like a tough choice, but remember that you can always accessorize your outfits!

Don’t forget that some restaurants and bars will want you to cover up – pop a couple of lightweight cotton tops or a kaftan in your case just to be prepared.


Shoes take up way too much room don’t they? It’s time to think about whether you really need heels for every night. It’s not a fashion crime to wear the same shoes more than once. Pick some that will go with multiple looks, and pack these in with the mandatory flip flops.


Although you would think that they don’t use up that much room in your suitcase, the ‘extras’ can soon mount up – the hats, beach totes, sunglasses, jewellery and any other items you want to include.

Try to minimise – one pair of glasses can last you the whole time you are away (honestly), and the same goes for hats and totes. It’s also best to take as little jewellery as possible just in case it gets lost.

It may be tempting to add in your whole makeup bag so you can create different looks, but remember that you will be soaking up the sun and getting a beautiful glow – therefore, foundation or concealer is a no-no as your skin tone will change.

Now you know what to include in your beach holiday capsule wardrobe – it’s time to start putting it together! Check out our range of swimwear to get you started.

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