Swimming Pullbuoy 500

Designer: NABAIJI

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Rs. 1,299.00
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Color: Black/Yellow

Size: Medium

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Made for

Our design teams have developed this pullbuoy fin for intermediate swimmers who are improving and want more buoyancy in their legs.


Anatomic design

Pullbuoy with an easy-to-grip shape


This product has been recognised for reducing its environmental impact by 16%

What is a PULLBUOY for: Swimming equipment to work the upper body (arms, shoulders, pectorals). The buoyancy of the legs means the swimmer can get themselves into a good position to really work on the arms. The float can also be positioned between the calves to specifically work on the core muscles. It can also be used with an ankle band to totally immobilise your legs.
BUOYANCY Pull buoy with 18 N buoyancy, ideal for swimmers who weigh less than 80 kg. 
ECO-DESIGN We have adapted this product from the previous version in order to have a 16% lower impact on the environment. We have changed the shape of the product and used less layers of foam to generate less industrial waste.