Dive Dreams Suede Beach Towel Poncho

Designer: Azen

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Rs. 2,199.00
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Size: Unisex / Free Size

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Elevate your beach experience with our extraordinary microfiber suede ponchos and towels. Crafted with care and precision, these beach essentials are designed to enhance your seaside adventures in every way possible.

Material: Our ponchos and towels are made from a unique blend of 88% polyester and 12% nylon microfiber suede material. This innovative fabric is specially chosen to offer you the utmost in luxury, performance, and style.

Key Features:

Quick Absorption: Say goodbye to the discomfort of being wet at the beach. Our microfiber suede material excels in rapid water absorption, ensuring you stay dry and cozy after a swim.

Quick Dry: Experience the magic of quick-drying technology. Our ponchos and towels effortlessly shed excess moisture, leaving you ready for your next beach adventure in no time.

Sand Resistance: Tired of sandy, gritty towels? Our microfiber suede material resists sand, so you can comfortably relax on the beach without the annoyance of clinging grains.

Lint-Free: Enjoy a lint-free experience. Our ponchos and towels are engineered to remain smooth and free of loose fibers, ensuring a hassle-free, soft touch.

Compact Design: Experience the freedom of traveling light. Our ponchos and towels are designed to fold down to a compact size, making them perfect for beach bags and travel.

Your Beachside Luxury: These ponchos and towels are more than just beach essentials; they're your ticket to beachside luxury. Wrap yourself in softness, experience faster drying, and revel in the sand-resistant, lint-free embrace of our microfiber suede material.


Poncho : 78 cm x 132 cm
Bag : 19 cm x 29 cm