Nutrition Tips For Swimmers

From high school to professional swimmers, we The Beach Company see the same mistakes time and time again. Let’s learn from these mistakes and correct them to help make you the best swimmer you can be!

Nutrition Tip No. 1: Thinking you can eat whatever you want because you are very active swimmer
It is true that active young swimmers burn a lot of calories in training and have a higher need for calories because they are growing. However, that doesn't mean you can thrive by eating double quarter ponders with cheese, fries and large soft drinks. That meal contains 1250 calories, easily a third to half of an active swimmer’s calorie needs for the entire day. When faced with choices, make good ones. A better choice would be more healthful nutrients and less fat and sodium. And, it still tastes pretty good!

Nutrition Tip No. 2: Thinking more is better when it comes to protein.
Protein is very important for swimmers, but more isn't better. Research shows that you need 1.10-1.90 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. Most swimmers should aim for somewhere in the middle of the range. The higher end of the range is needed when you are cutting calories to reduce body fat. For recovery, you need about 20 grams of high quality protein within the first hour after exercise. The double quarter ponder meal has almost 50 grams of protein, way more than needed for recovery. Extra protein isn't stored in the muscles. It is broken down for energy which can be stored as fat.

Nutrition Tip No. 3: Overemphasizing the value of supplements and undervaluing the power of healthy foods.
We must admit that the marketing for healthy foods is not nearly as exciting as for supplements. Supplement ads promise quick weight loss, bigger muscles, and increased energy; one study of about 600 supplements identified over 800 performance enhancing claims, most of which were bogus without scientific backing. Supplements are no short-cut to improving body composition, building muscle or increasing performance. Supplements have the added risk of containing banned or illegal substances that could harm your health and your sports career. That is why The Beach Company takes a food-first approach when advising Swimmers.


A wise researcher tells swimmers that good nutrition won’t make an average swimmer a great swimmer, but poor nutrition can make a great swimmer an average one. So, if you are a great swimmer or aspire to be one, follow these tips provided by The Beach Company.