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Swimming ankle elastics, also known as ankle straps or pull buoys, are used for a couple of different purposes in swim training. Here's the rundown on how to use them:

Putting them on:

  • The straps typically loop or velcro around your ankles. There shouldn't be a need for them to be too tight, just snug enough to stay put.

Training with them:

  • Isolating upper body: This is the most common use. By eliminating the kicking motion, you can focus on developing your arm stroke and core strength. Simply loop the elastic around your ankles and swim with your normal freestyle or other stroke, focusing on pulling water with your arms and maintaining a good body position.
  • Stationary drills: You can attach the elastic tether to a pool anchor or bulkhead, allowing you to stay in one spot while you practice your stroke technique. This is a great way to get feedback from a coach on your form.
  • Focus on specific strokes: The placement of the elastic can vary depending on the stroke you're working on. For freestyle and backstroke, the typical figure-eight loop around the ankles works well. Breaststroke might use the elastic placed above the knees, and butterfly can use it around the calves.


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