We are super happy to announce the launch of TAU TURA Swimwear on The Beach Company

At Tau Tura, we believe that every body is beautiful and unique! That's why we're committed to offering a wide range of sizes, including PLUS SIZES to empower and celebrate all bodies. 

Tau Tura aims to cater to women's diverse preferences and offer a solution to the daunting task of finding the perfect swimsuit.

What differentiates Tau Tura swimwear from other swimwear available?
Our fabrics have been carefully curated by our Designers and imported from Europe. 

Our fabrics - the velvets, 3D textured and ribbed are distinctive and of the highest quality. They are extremely stretchy, soft, comfortable and have high durability. They are UV and Chlorine resistant and long lasting.  

Our versatile designs are created keeping in mind the array of issues that women face with swimwear. These signature swimsuits have been created with utmost thought. 

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