The Mental Benefits of Swimming for Children

The Mental Benefits of Swimming for Children

Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm. Here are 4 major reasons to get your kids into the pool!

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1. Enhances mental development
Swimming stimulates young children’s senses and is thought to improve brain and emotional development. As babies develop mobility functions and breathing becomes deeper, they are encouraged to make sound. This improves communication and aids in language and speech development. Swimming also supports a child’s mind/body connection as studies have shown that during exercise a child’s mind is stimulated, promoting further brain development and intelligence.

2. Develops confidence
Children can often be fearful of water if they are not sensitised to it. Overcoming this fear can be extremely empowering, boosting confidence and self-esteem. This newfound confidence can extend to social situations, which allows your child to interact with peers, developing their social skills and providing another self-esteem boost. Improving self-esteem instils a positive attitude towards physical activity which assists later in life.

3. Boosts social skills
Swimming, while often thought to be a solo activity, is actually a great social activity. It introduces you and your child to others with similar interests and lifestyles. Children enjoy the interaction with other children where they find a common ground, solidifying a valuable social engagement outside of school.

4. Support a stress-free lifestyle
Swimming is a great stress reliever. It clears the mind, provides routine and fosters a balanced lifestyle. Scientifically, swimming is proven to increase endorphins (and other mood-boosting chemicals) in the brain.

Final thought

Overall swimming, while fantastic for physical health and well-being, has invaluable mental health benefits. As children grow and develop, the positive mental effects of swimming begin to align, if not exceed the physical benefits of swimming.


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