The SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF GRM), now in its 14th edition, is a 42.195 KM run alongside the picturesque Zuari river in Goa. This year the marathon will be held on December 08th and last year we introduced the very successful 20 Miler (32Km). As usual, the venue will be the Chicalim Village. SKF GRM is one of the most popular marathons in India. The route is AIMS certified and beautiful to run with a river view and a tree-lined paved route.

Ahead of the main event, the SKF Goa River Marathon will also organize pre-event runs in various parts of Goa accompanied by special ‘How-to’ workshops to help both the novice and the expert runners gear up for the marathon.

World-class arrangements have been made ranging from traffic management to medical-aid and hydration. Whether you choose to run or walk; you'll find no reason to complain. And as usual, there will be entertainment.


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