If the kids aren’t already back into holiday mode, they will be soon! After a long, hard Christmas holiday (filled with  trying to keep the peace between siblings and driving them around to their many extra-curricular activities) you’re tired, and rightfully so. So, how about taking some time to relax and have fun? In fact, invite your other friends who are moms and throw yourselves a Mom’s Pool Day party! Allow your friends their choice of floats, and rotate throughout the day! We’ve got all you need for the perfect, kid-free, pool day you deserve- right here!

Pool Floats and Loungers Online I THE BEACH COMPANY

The Aqua Drifter Chair features a contoured body design, inflatable pontoon-style side floats, and a built-in pillow. Made with durable, non-corrosive PVC framing and weather-resistant fabric, built for season after season enjoyment.

After you’ve gotten a chance to relax, take a break from the pool and cook up something tasty for lunch! No mac & cheese and hot dogs on YOUR day- try a delicious, well-balanced veggie-salad with avocado slaw & mango salsa! This is your chance to enjoy some finer foods without complaints!




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